Plus, when youre not in an outage, you can use its two USB ports to keep a phone and one other small device charged. Post author: Post published: February 17, 2022; Post category: vango 600xl dimensions; Post comments: . Two outlets have large spacing for big AC adapters, while the rest are pretty close together. The CP900AVRs run time is as good as that of any model we tested, and better than most. When we threw 5,000 volts at this unit, it blocked all but 540.4 of them. I'm excited to be here, and hope to be able to contribute. CyberPower adds one more battery protected port. APC BR1500MS2 Back-UPS Pro Uninterruptible Power Supply Price: $286.60 Instant Savings -$16.61 You Pay: $269.99 (123) Add to Cart View Cart Add to Wish List Item in Wish List Create new CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS You Pay: $219.95 (226) Add to Cart View Cart Add to Wish List Item in Wish List Create new Show Removed Specs Shipping star_stroke Add to My Products. No matter how massive your setup ismaybe you have a full workstation drawing 300 W or more, or maybe you have only a modem and router plugged in, totaling about 20 Wthe BR1500MS2 should buy you plenty of time to save your work and shut down all your programs. LCDs are great for seeing exactly whats going on with your UPS at a glance. It can either 1) safely shut down the computer immediately on power loss or 2) wait until the power has been off long enough to drain the battery to a certain level, then safely shut down. We measured a peak power output of 470 W, as it allowed us to connect an assortment of eight halogen bulbs and two lamps to its battery-backed outlets before it tapped out a few seconds later. The unit has a compact, upright designabout the shape and size of a family-size box of cerealso you can easily stash it next to a PC tower or wireless router at a workstation, say, or alongside the speakers and stereo receiver in a record-player setup. The total load, according to the APC front panel, is one bar. Like any rechargeable battery, UPS batteries have a lifespan. Terms & Conditions! Configuring what happens in an outage is quick and easy. Drop down to 1/4 or less of the watt rating, and youll end up with 20 minutes or more of run time. The APC BE425M has a total of six outlets, with four of them providing battery power. This allows you to fine-tune how the battery power takes over during high, medium, or low power fluctuations. Replacement batteries can be bought direct from the manufacturer, Amazon, or a local battery store. In the case of either rating, these numbers tell you the maximum load the battery backup can handle without shutting down. The life of the battery within the unit can be prolonged by keeping a few things in mind. *At the time of publishing, the price was $136. As part of our warranty process, we ship the new unit to you first and also cover the return shipping costs of the original unit. Since joining Wirecutter in 2017, Ive reported on surge protectors, dash cams, USB-C cables, and more. The product descriptions on Cyber Powers website clearly state that BTOH are PFC Pure Sine. The CP1500PFCLCD as a clear obvious spot to install the RMCARD205, whereas the GX1500u does not. Heres how it works: on models with a data port, software and a USB cable is included. Cyber power sells both types. Most people can get through a household power outage without much hasslechances are, by the time you find the spare flashlight batteries and break out the board games, your lights and television will already be back on. This includes the UPS itself along with the battery, and applies to all models. Examples: a modem, router, NAS, wireless access points, DVR or TiVo, satellite receiver or cable box. When preparing for a blackout, heres the best gear for backup power and lighting. The CyberPower AVRG900U is a good option if our top pick and the Tripp Lite AVR750U are both unavailable and you dont need our upgrade picks premium features. 4.6 out of 5 stars . These units are well suited for desktop computers (Mac and PC included), alarm systems, and surveillance systems. 0; Like our top pick, the BR1500MS2 has 10 outlets, two of which are spaced far apart enough to accommodate extra-large plugs. They provide sine wave output and correct minor power fluctuations without switching to battery, thereby extending battery life. VA: This rating is probably less familiar for you. Some models include a USB port and cable which connect to your computer, along with software to install. Add at least two items to compare. Nor is it a newer version of the PFC model. After LastPass's breaches, my boss is looking into trying an on-prem password manager. The CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD has a shorter run time (90 minutes at a 20 W load, six minutes at a 300 W load) and peak power output (535 W) compared with either of the similarly priced models we tested, as well as some models that cost less than half as much. Certain electronics are sensitive and require this to avoid power loss when switching from AC power to battery power. Adding run time increases availability by allowing the system to operate through longer outages without shutting down. If brownouts occur, you can expect to be protected from shutdowns just as you would with a full power outage. As long as your devices have a combined wattage below that of the UPS, they can be powered. Hot swappable batteries are a feature of the APC UPS, but not the CyberPower. It has a USB-B port to connect the UPS to your computerwhich you need to do if you want to use CyberPowers software or your computers operating system to set up data saving, monitoring, and other functions. In addition to its 10 AC outlets, the CP900AVR has two coaxial connectors that you can use to hook up a cable box or modem, a serial port for a printer or other peripheral device, and two network ports to connect the unit to a server, Wi-Fi router, or any other device that requires a wired network connection. Its also handy for keeping your phone battery topped off in the event of an outage in case you dont know when the power will be back on. br1500ms2 vs cp1500pfclcd. Wirecutter is the product recommendation service from The New York Times. Sort: Clear All. Thats a lower output than we got from most UPS units we tested, but it should still be enough to power a desktop computer, a household modem, a Wi-Fi router, an external hard drive, and maybe a few small devices. Plus, the USB-A port and the more-powerful USB-C port on the front (which have a combined output of 19 W, according to our measurements) can help free up one of the surge-protected AC outlets, which might otherwise be occupied by a USB wall charger. By installing software and connecting the cable, you can configure your computer to safely shut down when the battery level reaches a certain point. This will be used to estimate the run time of your devices during a total power outage. They vary from brand to brand, model to model. The only competitors that came close were our top pick and the CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD (the latter was also the only UPS to beat the BR1500MS2 in output, cranking out a whopping 930 watts). Both programs can be set to send you an email when the power goes out. It wont last more than a few minutes under a heavier load, though; we measured a run time of just six minutes with a 300 W load. If you have a Mac, you can use your operating systems native shutdown feature for a similar range of tasks. APCs steps for filing an equipment protection policy claim can be found here. Overall Winner: The CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD has the best run time and value. It's very possible that they are the same model just branded differently. This UPS has a 5-foot cord, which is a foot shorter than the cords for our other picks, so you might have to move your workstation closer to an outlet to help it reach. The units only auxiliary connector is a USB-B port, which youll need if you want to use the included software that lets the UPS trigger a safe shutdown of your computer (it works for either Mac or Windows). Stepping up to compact towers such as these also adds a lot of features. Since a UPS is designed for use in an emergency, choosing from a reputable brand is crucial to avoid buyers remorse at the worst possible time. Sine wave refers to the way AC power alternates between positive and negative. And what are the pros and cons vs cloud based? Once open, disconnect the two battery terminals and remove the old battery. Installation of both applications is very straightforward. I know it gets confusing when you actually search for True Sine UPS PFC and only the CP and OR models show up. 2 USB charging ports (1 Type A,1 Type C) Configure settings with angled LCD screen or included software. That should be fine in most cases, but its harder on the battery, and you shouldnt use it for sensitive AV gear or medical equipment. But, you need to get a Price Match for the lower retail price of $204.95. I have two of the CyberPower models you mentioned. With a 200W load, youll see about 31 minutes of battery power on the APC compared to 36 minutes on the CyberPower. You will receive your welcome message soon. If you need hours worth of operation for larger equipment, its best to look into a generator. Extended run times and support for high-power devices come into play with 1000VA models. With a one-year warranty, you have little wiggle room, so if you do choose this model, make sure to test it out within that window to confirm that it worksand continue to test the battery periodically by unplugging the UPS from the wall and letting it run on its battery. Be sure to read the equipment protection policies from APC and CyberPower if this coverage is important to you. Aside from potentially overloading either unit and tripping a fuse or breaker, you also risk cancelling out the surge protection instead of doubling it up. This APC is rated at 600VA compared to 550V for the CyberPower model. The LCDs on both the APC and CyberPower are equally readable and feature nearly the same settings. I understand your concerns. Although this model has two fewer outlets than our budget pick, 10 outlets is plenty for most peopleand all the models we tested with more outlets had worse peak power or run times. We independently review everything we recommend. In total, Ive spent 34 hours researching and testing UPS units for this guide. The interface of CyberPowers software is cleaner and more modern, while APCs looks like it belongs back in the Windows XP days. Buy APC BR1500MS2 1500VA UPS Back-UPS Pro Compatible Battery Pack by UPSBatteryCenter: 12V - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases . I worked with Lee Johnsonan electrical engineer with more than 15 years of experience designing and testing electronicsto determine the surge-protection capabilities of each UPS in our 2021 round of testing. You should keep the receipt from your purchase to prove the battery backup is under 3 years old. For computers, TVs, and other pricey equipment, I recommend an 800 joule rating or higher. They both measure electrical power. Installation is simple. Categories . Ive used power cable extenders in cases such as this, but it does add a bit to the overall cost. Prices and offers are subject to change. With pricey equipment connected to your battery backup, its important to protect from power surges. This green bar shows how many watts of capacity are being used, with the total load capacity shown at the end of the bar. APC BR1500MS2 Powers larger setups for longer This UPS has the highest peak power output and run time of any model we tested, so it can run more gear for a longer stretch than anything else.. I am an IT Senior Systems Engineer working from home for the last year or so due to Covid. 1500VA UPSs have a full set of features and are a great choice for long run times and connecting a large number of devices. br1500ms2 vs cp1500pfclcd. Estimated run time is especially helpful. Insurance Loss Associates . Whether its finding great products or discovering helpful advice, well help you get it right (the first time). Im convinced this is because the VA ratings are bigger numbers and so they look more impressive. APCs history screen, titled Performance offers nearly identical info compared to Cyberpowers Summary tab. This Best Buy unit has the Cyberpower model nomenclature CP1500AVRLCD which does NOT feature Pure Sine Wave technology (PFC) but a virtual form that comes close with their Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). After a ton of research on the Cyber Power website and side by side comparison, here are the answers to your question: Youll notice the APC UPS is rated 50VA higher, though the watt rating of both is identical at 330W. The battery protected outlets are well placed. Larger UPS units with extra power and features can help keep home offices and workstations running during business hours, or at least long enough for you to save your work and safely shut down vulnerable equipment. To help pick a UPS size, Ill group devices by how much electricity they draw. As mentioned early, you should never connect high-power devices such as a space heater, air conditioning unit, paper shredder, or laser printer to a UPS. Comparing CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS vs APC .